Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound

This not so well known tourist spot is a sleeping giant traveled regularly by the few who know of its whereabouts.  Established in 1973, Desolation Sound Marine Park amasses over 20,000 acres of land and water and is considered the largest marine park in British Columbia.  Along the shoreline are dramatic sweeping mountains and high cliffs adding to the appeal of the plush landscape.  Popular areas within the park are numerous with a few hot spots listed below.

Grace Harbour

Protected from both the winds and the sea, Grace Harbour can be entered from the Malaspina Inlet.  Once privately owned, the area was added to the park in 1975 and is considered to be great for hiking, biking and camping.

Tenedos Bay
Most who travel the Tenedos Bay refer to it as the “Deep Bay” due to deptsh reaching over 300 ft. in most of the area, but it is highly traveled site and provides access to the secluded Lake Unwin.  Along the quarter of a mile trail to the lake, rapids and pulls can be accessed for swimming.

Prideaux Haven
Probably the most picturesque location in the park is the Prideaux Haven Harbour.  Quite a few choice coves and passageways exist and together safely accommodate hundreds of vessels.  During the summer months this area has a reputation for being the most popular of Desolation Sound’s Park with great swimming, kayaking, skiing, paddleboarding fun  and welcoming warm waters.

Isabel Bay
This Bay is located in the Lancelot Inlet and well known for producing a large amount of clams and oysters.  Anchoring is somewhat difficult in this area and only recommended for the veterans.

Okeover Arm
Rich in marine life due to its warm waters, this is a great spot for picnicking, camping and or dining in the restaurant on the hill.  There is a marina in Penrose Bay that provides access to all of the above.

Thors Cove
The best spot for anchoring in Thors Cove is on the south end of the cove where the Aquaculture operations are located.

Theodosia Inlet
Theodosia Inlet can be accessed easily with a canoe or kayak but is not recommended for larger craft due to its shallow inlet.  A fresh water flow from the Theodosia River provides enough of a current to keep the salt water out.  This is a great area for camping and admiring the scenery.

Portage Cove
A great area to hang out during high tide, but is known to almost completely dry out during low tide.

Galley Bay
The western most nook, or behind the island in the more eastern part of the bay is a great area for anchoring off, but caution should be exercised in the central portion of the bay due to a couple of large rocks breaking the surface of the water.

Mink Island
A beautiful and safe area to anchor away from the winds and is probably what is considered to be the most popular boater spot in Desolation Sound.

Curme Islands
A group of islands spanning the north side of Mink Island.



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