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San Juan's Yacht Charters is here to make your vacation unforgettable. The Pacific Northwest is home to a myriad of wildlife. It boasts diverse ecosystems, ranging from the mountain ranges to the numerous island and waterways and to the open ocean. The Pacific Northwest is home to bears, elk, mountain lions, eagles, salmon, giant Pacific octopus, whales, and many more! The highlight for most visitors is the resident and transient orcas, humpback whales, minke whales, and gray whales.

The waters surrounding the Pacific Northwest offer some of the most diverse whale and wildlife viewing on the west coast. There are only a few things more magical in this world than watching whales in their natural habitat. The regions across the world provide whale watching opportunities that are as diverse as the whale species. Humpbacks, 40-60ft. In length are found in waters surrounding Washington State and British Columbia while the playful black and white orcas live throughout the year in the waters of the Pacific Northwest's San Juan Islands.

We, at Pacific Northwest Yacht Charters, have luxurious San Juan's Yacht Charters and experienced guides who can educate guests about the specific whale's species during a whale watching tour. This can help you to have a memorable and unique experience for guests of all ages. The best time to go for whale watching at San Juan's Yacht Charters is from April through September. Types of whales you can come across in the Pacific Northwest:

Southern Resident Killer Whales – Southern resident killer whales are some of the most researched whales in the world. They spend much of their time in the waters around Washington and British Columbia throughout the year feeding on their favorite food - Chinook salmon. This group of killers whales is very playful, acrobatic and at the same time social too.

Transient Killer Whales – Spotting transient orca whales in the waters of the Pacific Northwest is common due to an increase in their prey – harbor seals, California and Steller sea lions and harbor porpoise. Watching transient orcas hunt is very interesting and exciting! In the recent past, transient and bigg's killer whales have become more prevalent. They eat marine mammals: seals, sea lions, porpoise, dolphins – even other whales!

Humpback Whales – Over the last few years, humpback whales have made a comeback to the waters of Pacific Northwest in large numbers. Humpback whales are one of the most beloved and recognized whales in the world. Found in all the world's oceans, each humpback whale has a unique personality and appearance. If you're lucky enough you might spot mother humpbacks that nurse their calves with San Juan's Yacht Charters.

Minke Whales – Considered to be one of the most mysterious marine animals of the Pacific Northwest area, they are the most loved of all. Minkes are relatively solitary and spend their time feeding on schools of small baitfish. Minke whales can be found by smell alone - their breath is quite memorable! If you are lucky enough to catch a whiff, it is an experience that will long be remembered with San Juan's Yacht Charters.

Gray Whales – Currently, gray whales hold the record of the longest mammal migration as they travel from coldwater feeding grounds to the warm calving lagoons in Baja, Mexico. Gray whales are the only bottom-feeding whale, which means there are very rare instances that they will scoop up an entire mouthful of the sea floor. While they feed in the shallow, calm waters – it is indeed a sight to behold.

We at Pacific Northwest Yacht Charters, offer custom private tour experiences for couples, groups and families, with complimentary itinerary planning and personalized attention to detail. When on board your own Private Yacht Charter in Seattle, you get to spend more time with wildlife and less in transit. Your private and customized whale watching tour will guarantee the most authentic and personalized experience to you and your group.

The tours are hosted by knowledgeable and personable guides, dedicated to make your excursion a great one. We’ll take great care of you.

We can also provide yacht charters for other water sports activities such as Scuba Charter in Seattle, Fishing Charter Pacific Northwest, snorkeling and swimming to help you have a more memorable time in the Pacific Northwest along with whale watching at San Juan's Yacht Charters. The types of yachts vary as do your interest, and so it is the goal of Pacific Northwest Yacht Charters to align you with what suits you best. The cost of chartering each vessel varies and is dependent on the size and how long you will be chartering our vessel.

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