Las Marietas

Just 22 nautical miles from Puerto Vallarta lies the most broadly praised jump site in the Vallarta region - the Marietas Islands National Marine Preserve. A dive location that was put on the map by the well known Jacques Cousteau in the 1970s, the Marietas Islands are home to numerous caves which provide for a great diving opportunity.

These crystal clear waters make for great diving with clear site available at any depth.  Rich in tropical fish, octopus, dolphins, manta rays (some as large as 14 feet across), turtles and of course sea horse, the experienced diver may not find much time for taking a break.  However, for the few that do, Las Marietas has amazing beaches namely Playa del Amor and numerous water activities for non-divers.

Puerto Vallarta Yachts recommends this as a great location for beginner and advanced divers alike with much to see from 15 to 90 feet.



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