Sailing Yacht Pacific Northwest

With all of the sailing clubs, instructional classes, and sailing destinations, it is easy to see why Seattle is one of the most popular sailing locations in the world.  Whether sailing in Lake Union or Puget Sound, you can rest assured there will be countless opportunities to sight-see.  If you are new to sailing, no worries, an experienced crew comes with each charter.  Once on your charter, there are a variety of activities to enjoy both within the waters you will be cruising and on land at the destination of your choice.  Click on the DESTINATION LOCATIONS link here for more about our destinations.

A sailing excursion takes on four simple but essential choices.  There is no specific order to these picks, but they are; style and type of vessel, your destination or destinations, the crew, and you.  Are you ready to captain a vessel or will you be coming along for the ride of your life.  Sailing enthusiast all agree that there is nothing quite like sailing on the water with the wind as your motor.

Whether you are starting out of Seattle, Bellingham, Vancouver and or Victoria, we have vessels all over the Pacific Northwest to accommodate your interest.  Many of our guests choose to go out from June to August because Seattle is known for its gorgeous weather and long days during the summer time.  However, the San Juan Islands steal the show with 250 days of sun year around.  The Pacific Northwest is an idyllic location for those longing for a chance to unwind in the ultimate of DESTINATION LOCATIONS.



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