Water Sports Activities of Vancouver Will Make Your Adrenaline Rush

Vancouver city is full of energy. Indeed it is one of the favorite cities of British Columbia which is visited by travelers from across the globe. From urban things to wilderness offered by Vancouver's beautiful mountains, this city really does have the best of both worlds.

From the art scene, food scene, microbrew and markets on Granville Island, incredible urban parts to get lost in, and everything in between, Vancouver is a city you must explore. Don’t rush your visit. The city is ripe with history, awesome food, great music, and a high quality of life.

Water Sports Activities of Vancouver

For water sports enthusiasts of all kinds, Vancouver has plenty to offer. Situated on the shores of Burrard Inlet, English Bay, and the Georgia Strait, the city boasts an impressive amount of coastline. The surrounding region has pristine lakes, beautiful inlets and coves, and mighty rivers, making Vancouver a paradise for anyone who loves getting out on the water. So book your private yacht charter in Vancouver and set out to enjoy the below mentioned water sports activities for which Vancouver is famous for:

Kayaking – Vancouver is home to three popular paddling destinations and are all unique. Regardless if you are an experienced traveler or an enthusiastic beginner, you'll find something up to your expectations. Start from Granville Island and experience the gleaming glass buildings around False Creek from sea-level. It will offer you a unique perspective on the city’s urban environment. You can also start your kayaking adventure down at English Bay to witness the perfect amalgamation of city and nature. On the North Shore, paddlers can appreciate old-growth forests and lacy waterfalls while gulls, ravens and bald eagles soar overhead.

Scuba Diving – The area around Vancouver has some of the best cold water to try scuba diving. Scuba divers plunge the frigid waters between Vancouver Islands and the mainland to interact with the spectacular marine such as the wolf eel and giant Pacific Octopus, as well as a brilliant red coral found in few other places around the world. Cates Park in Deep Cove as well as Whytecliff Park and Porteau Cove near Horseshoe Bay are popular diving sites in Vancouver. The sunshine coast provides a stunning backdrop for finding a sunken mermaid that has been submerged by local diving enthusiasts.

Swimming – The Vancouver Park and Recreation Board operates nine indoor pools and four indoor pools throughout summer months on the city's half dozen beaches. For the downtown visitors, the closest indoor pool is the Vancouver Aquatic Center with an Olympic size pool as well as weight room, sauna and whirlpool. There are several other beaches that are popular for swimming and sunbathing such as the English bay, Second and Third beaches. Other beaches namely Kitsilano, Jericho, and Spanish banks are famous for family friendly activities.

Windsurfing and Kiteboarding – Where there are water and wind, you'll surely get to enjoy windsurfing. Vancouver is the perfect destination to try this sport for the first time. Try Jericho Beach where beginners can rent gear and take lessons from windsurfers too. If you're a certified and advanced windsurfer and kiteboarder, head to Acadia Beach. For those who want the challenge of high-wind sailing, take an hour drive north of downtown Vancouver to Squamish. It offers some of Canada's best windsurfing conditions. During the summer months, strong thermal winds blow down the valley and create ideal windsurfing and kiteboarding conditions.

White Water Rafting – Looking for a wild ride? Just a short distance away from Vancouver, you can enjoy some of the best rafting experiences of North America. The Thompson, the Nahatlatch, the Squamish, the Elaho and the Chilliwack rivers are famous for adrenaline rushing white water rafting. Suit up, grab a paddle, and ride the roaring current in a guided rubber raft. Get your feet wet and adrenaline pumping. It'll be the most exciting adventure and a thrill ride of a lifetime.

Vancouver is a gateway to the outdoors and a wonder all its own. We, at Pacific Northwest Yacht Charters, offer custom private tour experiences for groups of 1-100 participants on board our luxurious yachts along with 5-star customer, complimentary itinerary planning, and personalized attention to detail. When on board your own private yacht in Vancouver, you get to spend more time with wildlife and less in transit. You just explore and enjoy water sports in Vancouver, we’ll take great care of the rest.



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