Best Yacht Fishing Hot Spots in Vancouver – Pacific Northwest’s Tourist Hub

Vancouver is a large metropolitan city in British Columbia, bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountain Range. Its mild climate, natural beauty, plenty of green space, snow-covered slopes, breathtaking views, and oceanside location make it an important and famous tourist destination in the Pacific Northwest region. Vancouver waters are home to a wide variety of fish, seawater and freshwater, including salmon, sturgeon, trout, and halibut. From fly fishing to shore fishing, there are thousands of spots in and near the city for fishing. These are just a few of the fishing hot spots in Vancouver that are perfect to include in your fishing yacht charter itinerary.

Yacht Fishing Pacific Northwest

## Vancouver Harbour

It sustains a healthy 365 day fishery for salmon, bottom fish, prawns and crab. Healthy populations of bait fish in the Vancouver Harbour keep salmon around all year long. Vancouver Harbour is a very productive area for catching Dungeness Crabs and Pacific Spot Prawns. The largest returning runs of pacific salmon such as chinook, coho, sockeye, pink and chum salmon in the world are here in Vancouver Harbour and the nearby Fraser River.

## Fraser River
The incredibly, beautiful stretch of Fraser River is an amazing water body with hundreds of miles of fishable water. The river is home to great numbers of giant sturgeon that can reach lengths of up to 13 feet and weight of more than 1500lbs. So catching a fish much bigger than the average human is quite the thrill! The river gets deeper and faster & the sturgeons that inhabit this stretch of water have adapted the ability to thrive in this type of environment. So, be sure to book a fishing charter with an experienced guide who can help you catch one of these big sturgeon monsters.

## Campbell River
Campbell River, known worldwide as the “Salmon Capital of the World,” is situated in a prime location as all 5 species of Pacific Salmon pass through the waters between Campbell River and the British Columbia mainland. You can fish for Pacific Salmon, Steelhead & Trout in the Campbell River. Be sure to bring your camera as marine wildlife is abundant in this area. Killer whales (Orcas) often pass within a few yards of the boat while you are salmon fishing. Also, you will encounter seals and sea lions, Pacific white-sided dolphins, bald eagles, porpoises, and black bears.

## Stanley Park Seawall

The 8.8-kilometer Seawall is the biggest attraction of Stanley Park, drawing sightseers and recreation enthusiasts alike. The Stanley Park seawall is one of the most iconic and scenic locations in the entire city. With miles of shoreline to choose from, anglers can cast a line into Burrard Inlet or English Bay. You will not catch a huge salmon or halibut here, but this fishing area is a perfect place to catch smaller fish for beginners and those who enjoy fishing.

## Horseshoe Bay
It is a West Vancouver community situated on the tip of West Vancouver at the entrance to Howe Sound. You are guaranteed to experience some amazing fishing when you book a fishing charter here. Within 15 to 20 minutes from Horseshoe Bay, you can fish different spots rich in salmon species such as Chinook (King), Coho (Silvers), Pinks, chum and Sockeye.

## The Strait of Georgia
It lies between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland with the Canada-US border running to its south. This beautiful inland sea is 220 km (135 miles) long and at its narrowest point, about 25 km (15 miles) wide. The Strait is made of a myriad of habitats – intertidal zones, deep water regions, wetlands, rocky reefs, and glass sponge reefs – and is home to at least 200 species of fish including forage fish and five species of wild salmon. Pink and Sockeye salmon are good from late July to mid-September. Chum salmon follow from late September on through to late November. Lingcod and rockfish catches are good all year round.

Vancouver is known for its towering mountains, pristine rivers, and amazing water bodies, providing magnificent fishing opportunities all year round. Anglers will find many exciting saltwater and freshwater fishing opportunities, just minutes away from downtown Vancouver. There are many yacht fishing charters in the Pacific Northwest that operate from the heart of Vancouver city. Charters are also available from Vancouver Harbour, providing anglers with numerous fishing, sightseeing, and boating options during their weekend getaway or dream holiday.



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