Explore the Sandy Shores of Pacific Northwest on board a Boat Charter

The serene and pristine beaches of Seattle are its best kept secrets. Many visitors come here to experience top-notch coffee, culinary treats, soul-soothing music and funky art, but at the same time the city is home to stunning beaches – all accessible via private boat charter in Seattle. The beaches are the perfect spot to…
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Not To Be Missed Winter Activities on the San Juan Islands

San Juan Islands – one of the most beautiful places on earth is located just north of Seattle in the Salish sea. It consists of more than 400 islands and rocks, out of which only 4 are inhabited. The largest, San Juan Island is home to Friday Harbor, the most admired of all San Juan…
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Hikes in Seattle That Don’t Require Snow Gear

Many people while on their vacation to Pacific Northwest, plan a day trip only to the most popular destinations. Seattle is a wonderful location to visit with families, friends and those your closest to. There are numerous opportunities awaiting which will not be found at your resort, instead, and you will have an opportunity to…
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