Romantic Getaway via Boat Rental Seattle In The Pacific Northwest

You can make your special day full of adventure for your friends and family with a romantic evening onboard a boat rental in Seattle. Plan for a romantic getaway to the Pacific Northwest and the beautiful waters of Seattle. It is an amazing way to make the day full of memories that will last a lifetime.

Ways You Can Plan a Special Evening With Boat Rental Seattle

Reserve a yacht as early as possible

First, you have to make your reservation as early as possible in the Pacific Northwest. It will ensure you get exactly the vessel and charter you choose. At Pacific Northwest Yacht Charters, we can offer you an experience that will last a lifetime. Each boat comes with a catering service from the best culinary professionals. Most charters will also serve an assortment of beverages - alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Sunset Cruise

Another special charter to consider with Seattle boat rental is to arrange a sunset cruise. It is a great way to spend an intimate night with your partner. You can board your own private yacht to explore the stunning views of the Pacific Northwest. It’s a perfect experience to forget the world and spend an intimate, private night with your loved ones.

Fabulous Whale Watching Escapade on Boat Rental Seattle

When traversing the waters of the panoramic Pacific Northwest, you and your group can enjoy some of the most amazing whale watching in the world. Although grey whales are the most common, you may even witness minkes, humpbacks, and huge finbacks along with seals, dolphins, porpoises, and shorebirds. The most popular and stunning killer whale and orcas are the natives of the Pacific Northwest year-round. Witnessing these mesmerizing creatures is an experience you’ll remember for life.

Enjoy Delicious Dinner Under the Vibrant Star Light

After enjoying the striking views of the city during sunset, enjoy the panoramic vistas of the surrounding skyline that’s illuminated with bright lights. After that, you can grab a cocktail and add even more charm to this gorgeous evening. Enjoy your professionally cooked meal under the star-lit sky with your partner.  You can also enjoy some music of your choice to put the final touch on the ambiance of the evening.

Rejuvenate Yourself With a Relaxing Massage

In your own private charter you are able to cater the entire day to your own satisfaction. Go on an adventure or simply relax the day away with a professional massage. You can go for a couple’s massage with your partner to create an even more intimate charter. The massage room onboard is clean and comfortable along with relaxing music, candles, and essential oils for the perfect touch.

Go For Hiking / Shopping

If you can even plan a small hike together to channel your inner adventurer. You can also take your partner shopping at various little boutiques Seattle has to offer. Shopping in the city is also a great experience here due to the many high end and unique boutiques. You can also take out some time to explore some of the historical landmarks and natural wonders only seen in the mountainous landscape of the pacific northwest.

Indulge in Some Fun Activities at the Seattle Coast

Here are some other activities that you can enjoy with your group with our boat rental Seattle:

Catch And Release Fishing – Our expert guides will take you to the best spots for catch and releasing fishing. Get in touch with nature and explore the different wildlife found only in this special region of the country.

Tidepool Activities – You can also indulge in some of the very popular tidepool activities at Mora's Hole in the Wall and Kalaloch's Beach 4. A fun and thought-provoking activity for the entire family.

With all these fun options, any boat rental Seattle has to offer will be beyond your expectations. Our professional crew onboard our yacht charters will make every arrangement needed to make your time memorable and unforgettable. Need a charter today? Contact us for details.



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