Explore the Parks of Lopez Island – San Juan Islands’ Friendliest Destination

Lopez Island – the most rural and the most friendliest of the three major islands in San Juan County – blends beaches, farmland, and forests with shimmering vistas. The least hilly of all the islands, but one of the main tourist attractions in the San Juan Islands, Lopez is the place to unwind and enjoy the surrounding natural. Historically an agriculture island, Lopez is now a well known destination in the Pacific Northwest region because it provides panoramic views, splendid saltwater shore, quiet woodlands, scenic landscape to enjoy bicycle tours, and a number of natural parks to explore and enjoy. There are many wonderful parks on Lopez for a day of camping, picnicking, and hiking. Check out the most beautiful parks that you must go to on your next visit to Lopez Island:

# Agate Beach County Park

A delightful park located on the southern end of Lopez Island, this park may not boast agates anymore since the colorful rocks have been washed by the sea. The high bank above Agate Beach has a grassy lawn, which features several picnic tables. People flock here for enjoying a day of picnicing and amazing views of the water and Iceberg Point. You can also walk out to the nearby rocky island from Agate Beach when the tide is low.

Agate Beach County Park

# Spencer Spit State Park

A 138-acre marine and camping park, Spencer Spit State Park is named for the lagoon-enclosing sand spit on which it is located. The Park boasts many picnic tables and two miles of hiking trails. It is famous for crabbing, clamming and picnicking. This park in the Lopez Island is easily accessible by automobile. It is the only park in San Juans where you will get to enjoy “car-top boating.”

Spencer Spit State Park

# Otis Perkins County Day Park

Located on the island’s west side, Otis Perkins County Day Park boasts the longest beach in Lopez and a mile of waterfront with great views of the San Juan Channel. Situated in Fisherman Bay, the park sits on a slender spit and provides access to a small peninsula. The sheltered side of the shore features a salt marsh that teem with waterfowl and many unusual varieties of bird species.

Otis Perkins County Day Park

# Hummel Lake Preserve

Located on the south end of Lopez Island, the 80-acre Hummel Lake Preserve boasts a beautiful lake teeming with rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and blue gill. A great spot to enjoy a day of fishing and a picnic in a relaxing lakeside setting. Hummel Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Lopez Island. It features meadow, wetland, and habitat for many bird species. Enjoy hiking a mile of trails through a forest of the Preserve that ends at Port Stanley Road.

Hummel Lake Preserve

#Shark Reef Sanctuary

Situated on the west side of the island, the Shark Reef Sanctuary is one of the most popular hiking destinations on Lopez Island. Previously, the sanctuary was a military site, but now it boasts stunning marine and bird life for hikers to explore. Hikers come here to enjoy breathtaking and impressive views of Mount Finlayson, Dallas Mountain, and the snow-capped Olympia. Look out onto the beautiful blue water and perhaps you will spot a gray whale.

#Shark Reef Sanctuary

The rolling terrain of forest, farmland, lakes, and beaches make Lopez Island one if not the best tourist attraction in the San Juan Islands. A beautiful place for recreation, relaxation, and rejuvenation – Lopez island is a great option for a day trip or a weekend getaway. So, when are you planning your next trip to Lopez Island? The abundance of choices in terms of parks, preserves, hiking trails, and picnic spots – you are sure to have a both pleasant & memorable experience in this one of a kind get a way island of the San Juans.



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