Things To Try Your Hand At In Desolation Sound

From Whidbey Island to Desolation Sound, the Pacific Northwest is home to must-see and must do attractions. One can also experience activities, ranging from water sports to cultural activities when visiting these islands. Though it is highly impossible to see everything these gorgeous locations have to offer in a day or week, but in a well-organized itinerary aboard private yacht charters in Pacific Northwest, many of them can be covered. At Pacific Northwest Yacht Charters, we assist you in doing just that.

Pacific Northwest

If you are planning to explore Pacific Northwest destinations and want to experience the true wilderness, we highly recommend you spend a few nights exploring Desolation Sound. This sound has some of the warmest waters in all of the Northwest region and also boasts of spectacular scenery.

Desolation Sound is not a well known tourist destination amongst avid explorers, yet it is visited by all those who do their research. Its shoreline is dotted by dramatic sweeping mountains, and high cliffs which add to the appeal of its plush landscape. Desolation Sound is home to various hot spots such as Grace Harbor, Tenedos Bay, Prideaux Haven, Isabel Bay, Okeover Arm, Thors Cove, Theodosia Inlet, Portage Cove, Galley Bay, Mink Island and Curme Islands.

The following are 5 things we suggest you do to ensure you get the most out of what Desolation Sound has to offer.

SEA KAYAKING – Experience the world famous Desolation Sound in British Columbia with an all inclusive professionally guided sea kayak expedition. Ideal for first-time kayakers, the extremely calm waters of the sound allows you to effortlessly paddle through narrow inlets being greeted by majestic mountains and snow covered peaks above. In addition to the spectacular scenery, swimming in these warm waters is an extra bonus to your amazing camping and sea kayaking vacation!

WHALE WATCHING – Whale watching in and around Desolation Sound is an exceptional experience that will leave you awestruck after seeing whales in their natural habitat. Killer whales (Orcas), Gray Whales, Humpback Whales and Minke Whales ply the waves and perform their watery rituals. Different whale watching tours are organized from the Desolation Sound Marine Park for travelers looking for a whale watching escapade. However, one natural way to spot an orca is to visit Orca Camp, nearby at Johnstone Strait.

CAMPING – There are a number of campsites scattered throughout Desolation Sound. However, the most beautiful island to camp at is West Curme Island. It is a small, rocky island that offers 360° mesmerizing views of beautiful mountains and neighboring islands. If you want to have the full camp experience, then be sure to check out Martin Islands as it is one of the only islands where campfires are permitted. The camping sites are a paradise for hikers and it can also be used by kayakers if access is suitable.

SCUBA DIVING – Desolation Sound Marine Park is a boater’s delight and the only major park of its kind on the Pacific mainland coast of Canada. Warm waters make Desolation Sound Marine Park an ideal place to swim and scuba dive. All along the dive, divers are treated with a wide variety of sea life such as Wolf eels, giant octopus along with rockfish, lingcod, crab, nudibranchs, and many more marine species. Other varieties include urchins, sponges, corals, and colorful crabs while schools of perch and rockfish swim freely in abundance throughout the area.

HIKING – Refresh and enliven your senses by exploring Desolation's world-class forest trails! Whether you’re looking for a gentle stroll along the coastline or a hike in the wild mountainous areas surrounding Desolation Sound, there is something for you. The area is home to the world-renowned Sunshine Coast Trail, as well as many other smaller trails. Another place to try your hand at hiking is Tenedos Bay that leads to Unwin Lake. This freshwater lake is so warm and is considered the perfect way to cool off after a day of hiking through the bay.

It’s time to make plans for your private charter through the Pacific Northwest for a tour to try some of the above-enlisted activities in Desolation Sound?

Contact the experts at Pacific Northwest Yacht Charters to offer you the most luxurious and private yacht charters in Pacific Northwest so that we can make your next vacation a memorable one.



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