5 Amazing Reasons to Have Your Wedding Reception on a Yacht

Wedding day is said to be the most valuable and important day of your life, but instead of basking in the happiness and excitement of wedding bliss, to-be bride & groom inevitably feel overwhelmed while planning their wedding. There are so many elements to consider, from the guest list to the location; however, the biggest decision in planning a wedding is selecting the perfect reception venue. No need to go with the standard pattern of ballroom-style reception! Why not let the breathtaking waters of the Pacific Northwest create the ideal backdrop for your special day and uniquely themed luxury yacht as the perfect venue for your dream wedding ceremony? From beautifully appointed luxury yacht with gorgeous décor and delightful menus to exceptional service with stunning views of Pacific Northwest destinations, a yacht wedding ceremony and reception will make each moment an unforgettable one. Below, we have listed five amazing reasons why a wedding yacht charter is the best option for exchanging vows on your wedding day.

Wedding Reception Charters Pacific Northwest

  • Professional Event Planners – Stop Stressing Over Details

  • With wedding charters you get your personal wedding planners who will guide you through the process of planning your special day on a yacht. Whether you want a large affair or intimate gathering, an experienced planner will help you plan a day that fits your dreams and style as well as budget. From flower decorations to caterers, entertainment to wedding cake, planners will make it perfect in every way, down to the smallest detail.

  • Breathtaking Wedding Photos – Memorable and Magical

  • Holding your wedding on the stunning waters offers you the opportunity for incredible wedding photos that you will cherish for years to come. From the gorgeous sunsets of the Seattle skyline, natural serenity of Vancouver's waterways to the verdant beauty of the San Juan Island coastline, you will get a variety of creative and magnificent backdrops for your wedding photos. The ever-changing natural beauty around your yacht will create stunning effects for your wedding celebration and party.

  • Surprisingly Affordable – Simple or Elaborate

  • Getting married and hosting your reception on a luxury yacht is surprisingly affordable because you decide your menu, decoration budget, guest list, entertainment facilities and other small arrangements. Whether you want it to be a simple ceremony which will be attended by only few of your close friends and family members or a grand party that reflects your personal taste and opulence, you will get all the desired details at a much better price with yacht wedding reception charters in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Unique Experiences – Romantic and Unforgettable

  • Holding a wedding event on a yacht is undeniably romantic. The light glow of the sunset, soft cool breeze and gentle whisper of the rolling waves – all will create a romantic ambiance for your special celebration. Whether you want to host an informal or formal event, you will surely have unforgettable experiences in the quintessentially stunning Pacific Northwest destinations on your wedding day.

  • Seamless Celebrations – All-In-One Venue

  • Yacht weddings are uninterrupted events, and at the same time, glorious, luxurious, convenient and comfortable. From marriage nuptials, dinner party to dancing with your partner on the deck under the stars – every aspect of the reception will take place at one venue without any hassle, delay or interruptions. Your wedding ceremony will turn out to be a raining in of Pure Bliss!

Holding your wedding reception on the glimmering Pacific waters is a romantic and spectacular way to get married. These are just a few of the amazing reasons that provide an explanation as to why a yacht wedding will make your special day an unforgettable event of a lifetime. So, let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams with our exceptional yacht charter services, five-star cuisine and professional planners, all within a budget that makes sense.



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