5 Most Romantic Honeymoon Hotspots in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most beautiful scenery on earth, from spectacular towering mountain peaks to rugged coastline – perfect to begin your blissful married life together. With amazing big city sights, natural delights, snow-capped mountains, sun-drenched vineyards and breathtaking natural beauty, this exciting destination will perfectly match the dreamy expectations of an ideal romantic getaway for people who are considering tying the knot soon. From the most romantic adventurous islands to the most secluded beaches, explore this list of top 5 honeymoon hotspots in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) that will add more charm to the journey of your new life together during your private honeymoon yacht charter vacation.

#1 Victoria, British Columbia

Location: This picture-perfect provincial capital of British Columbia is located at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, the city is about 100km (62 miles) from Seattle and is one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest.

Romantic Destinations Pacific Northwest

Private Honeymoon Yachts Pacific Northwest

Why it’s a romantic honeymoon destination: Honeymooners flock here for good reasons – fabulous parks and museums, stunning neighborhoods, exhilarating scenery, heritage architecture, flower gardens and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Boasting a charming harbor and facing the gorgeous snow-capped Olympic mountains, the capital city has perhaps the most exhilarating scenery, lively entertainment scene and wonderful array of attractions & activities to enjoy during your honeymoon stay.

#2 The San Juan Islands

Location: Approximately 172 islands make up the San Juan Islands archipelago, located 80 miles from Seattle in the northern part of Puget Sound. The three islands of San Juan County are geographically unique: Orcas Island is the hilliest and largest of all islands, Lopez is the flattest, most rural of the San Juan archipelago and San Juan Island is a combination of both.

San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands

Why it’s a romantic honeymoon destination: Orcas known as “the gem of the San Juans” is a great combination of stunning shoreline, the highest mountains, and a handful of charming hamlets. Lopez landscape blends rolling farmlands with forests, and quiet bays with driftwood-strewn beaches & snow-tipped Mount Baker. With an alpaca ranch, a sweeping valley, the terraces of a lavender farm, deep forest giving way to the shining sea, and two iconic lighthouses – San Juan Island offers variety, beauty, serenity. The San Juan islands' natural beauty and inviting atmosphere attract honeymooners from around the world and throughout the year.

#3 Whidbey Island, Washington

Location: Whidbey Island lies between the Olympic Peninsula and the I-5 corridor of western Washington, and is about 30 miles north of Seattle.

Whidbey Island, Washington

Whidbey Island, Washington

Why it’s a romantic honeymoon destination: Whidbey Island is a place that is lost-in-time out and away from the hustle & bustle of the city with towering redwoods and sparkling coves overlooking Puget Sound. From magnificent Langley, which is situated on a bluff on Whidbey Island, with views of the evergreen-lined Saratoga Passage waterways and Cascade mountains to Coupville with serene shorelines, forests, and prairies – there is no doubt why Whidbey Island is a favorite honeymoon destination.

#4 Desolation Sound

Location: It is a deep water sound in British Columbia, Canada. With over 60km (37 mi) of shorelines, Desolation Sound's beautiful islets, coves and bays make it an ideal location to explore with a private yacht charter.


Why it’s a romantic honeymoon destination: From dramatic sweeping mountains, high cliffs to the plush landscapes, Desolation Sound is a great place for honeymooners looking for complete seclusion and privacy during their romantic trip. With picturesque Prideaux Haven Harbour, the best anchoring spot – Thors Cove to the idyllic & secluded Tenedos Bay, this Pacific Northwest destination's romantic aura serves as a lure to newlywed couples who travel the area.

#5 Vancouver, British Columbia

Location: A bustling west coast seaport in British Columbia, Vancouver is one of the most livable cities in the world. With serene mountain views and outstanding opportunities for outdoor adventures, this city is bursting with romantic holiday possibilities.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Why it’s a romantic honeymoon destination: From colorful downtown neighborhoods, mountainside districts, to culturally diverse suburbs, there’s plenty to explore in Vancouver. The beautiful landscape, amazing views, countless fun things to do with a variety of destinations to do them in, make Vancouver a great honeymoon destination.

Take inspiration from these incredible PNW destinations including Victoria, Seattle, Vancouver, San Juan Islands and Whidbey Island for planning your honeymoon trip and get ready to create cherished memories that are sure to last a lifetime! Customize your private honeymoon Pacific Northwest charter itinerary to create the perfect honeymoon getaway.



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