Explore the Sandy Shores of Pacific Northwest on board a Boat Charter

The serene and pristine beaches of Seattle are its best kept secrets. Many visitors come here to experience top-notch coffee, culinary treats, soul-soothing music and funky art, but at the same time the city is home to stunning beaches – all accessible via private boat charter in Seattle.

Boat Charter Seattle

The beaches are the perfect spot to be active and enjoy sports from volleyball and kitesurfing to stand-up paddle boarding. There are a diverse array of options while at these sandy shores where you can purely relax under the rays of the sun or enjoy a picnic with friends, take leisurely beach wanders, or in some cases, gather around a cozy bonfire once the veil of night descends.

While several parks draw beach bums to urban spaces within city limits, other options require a short road trip that launches visitors out into the beautiful nature omnipresent in the Pacific Northwest. But if you want to explore the mini beaches nearby, hop aboard your own private boat rental in Seattle and set sail on the turquoise blue waters.

GOLDEN GARDENS – Golden Gardens is one of Seattle's best-kept secrets. Located on the Puget Sound, this popular public park offers extraordinary views of the water and the nearby Olympic Mountains. The park includes wetlands, beaches, hiking trails as well as picnic and playground areas. While here, hand in hand with your significant other, wander along the rugged coastline, hike through forest trails, sunbathe on the sandy beaches, and try fishing from a pier or a boat launch. You can also enjoy swimming, kite surfing and kayaking.

ALKI BEACH – Located in West Seattle, Alki Beach is one of Seattle's finest gems. It is popular amongst the residents and visitors alike. This is the perfect spot to take in the mesmerizing views of the downtown Seattle skyline and Puget Sound. Here, you can find joggers, rollerbladers, kayakers, paddleboarders and beach bums convene at this 135.9-acre park. The 135.9-acre park is lined with a sidewalk and driftwood that create natural benches.

DISCOVERY PARK – Overlooking Puget Sound, this huge urban park is the largest in all of Seattle. It features two miles of beach trails and nine miles of winding footpaths. Discovery park is considered the best for all those who wish to come close to nature or enjoy nature watching. While strolling through the park you can also visit Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center – famous for its art and cultural exhibits. The lighthouse, the oldest in the area, can also be found here. It offers breathtaking views of both the Cascade and the Olympic mountain ranges.

OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK – Olympic National Park provides Seattle visitors with a huge range of recreation options in a compact area. This nature preserve centers around the Olympic Mountains and its system of rivers and valleys to the Pacific Ocean. By hiking, backpacking, kayaking, or just touring by car you can easily explore various microclimates and zones within the park. Whether you want to trail up a mountainside, paddle over fragrant pine needle in the temperate rainforest – this natural wonderland offers it all.

LAKE WASHINGTON CRUISE KIRKLAND – One of the best ways to experience the city of Seattle is via cruise over Lake Washington. Hop on board your private Seattle boat charter and set sail over the turquoise blue waters to take scenic views of Lake Washington. The highlights of the cruise include stunning scenery and interesting tidbits about the area's history and most famous residents. As the sun sets and sky turns its colors to orange, pink and blue, sip on the freshly created beverages and spend leisure time with family and friends.

Seattle has a myriad of beautiful beaches to explore for its visitors and tourists alike. The natural beauty of Seattle knows no bounds and cannot be beaten. Whether the skies here are gray or blue, you should have ample amount of time to explore the great outdoors which includes the spectacular beaches and stunning parks. A boat charter in Seattle is the perfect way out to reach the beaches. On board your private charter, you can have a relaxing and gala time with friends and family while the professional crew will be at your service to make your vacation a memorable one.



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