Hikes in Seattle That Don’t Require Snow Gear

Many people while on their vacation to Pacific Northwest, plan a day trip only to the most popular destinations. Seattle is a wonderful location to visit with families, friends and those your closest to. There are numerous opportunities awaiting which will not be found at your resort, instead, and you will have an opportunity to experience something new each time you leave the hotel.
Seattle Yacht RentalIf you have been hearing about nearby snow-capped peaks, glistening blue waters, lush forests, then it’s time to do something unique. There are myriad ways to explore the outdoors in the Northwest, by embarking on a day-long hike. This can be incredibly exhilarating!

If you or your friends are interested in taking the aerial views of the lush green surroundings while hiking, hop on your own private Seattle yacht rental to reach the most spectacular destinations near to Seattle where you can enjoy hiking. If you don’t own a pair of crampons or snowshoes, or don’t feel like tromping through snow drifts. Following are the trails that you can easily climb without getting stranded in the snow whilst on a visit to the Emerald City:

NORTH BEND – Located an hour away from Seattle sail on the crystal blue waters on board your private yacht rental in Seattle, Twin Falls in North Bend can be hiked all throughout the year. Although the trail is famous for 150-foot waterfalls, and there are three separate waterfalls. In the initial stage, the path follows the river across a small hill prior to reaching a short bridge. You can climb with the support of large boulders. As you climb through the dense forest take in the mesmerizing views of the lush green surroundings.

BELLINGHAM – Although for so many years, there has been the heavy downpour on the steep slope of Blanchard Mountain, thus leading to its erosion, but still, this area is considered the best for hiking. From the top take in the sweeping views of the San Juan Islands and Vancouver Island across the Salish Sea. The switchbacks in the trail are in the ascending order for about a mile and get steeper once at the large boulder field. The restoration project uses second-growth trees to keep the muddy stretches of trail more stable.

OLYMPIC PENINSULA – Figuring out how to see the most of Olympic National Park can be daunting to a first time visitor. A million acres of park with so much to explore and encompasses four majestic and varied ecological regions. There is just so much to see. Although many people choose to backpack into the more remote sections of the park, there are so many wonderful day hikes that are of easy or moderate grade and that show off what makes the Olympics one of the crown jewels of the Pacific Northwest.

WHIDBEY ISLAND – Since they are at lower elevations, and closer to salt water, island hikes can be climbed throughout the year. On the north end of Whidbey Island via deception park, you can hike over Goose Rock. The most popular hike follows the perimeter trail under a bridge which is more than 80 years old. From here you can enjoy the eye-captivating views of the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges as well as the San Juan Islands. The trail winds through grassy fields and along beaches. You can also go for a picnic along with your family.

LIME KILN TRAIL – Here one has to hike through a very mossy forest and along a narrow river canyon. You will pass sites that were important in local history. Begin your hike in a forested area, with an exuberant growth of ferns below. This is a great hike to take during the winter months; with the trailhead at just 700 feet and its level terrain, snow is a rarity. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. The Lime Kiln Trail not only takes you deep into a lush and remote canyon carved out, but also takes you back into the glorious past of the region.

These hikes don’t require a lot of planning or packing for an entire day, nor do they require high skills – just the desire to be outside. Hop on board your own private Seattle yacht rental, make your way to any or of the above-mentioned trails and have a different and unique vacation to make lasting memories.



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