Discover the Northwest’s Most Spectacular Falls During Next Visit To Seattle

Planning a staycation to Seattle during your next holidays? Well, look no further! Seattle is home to some of the magnificent natural features that attract millions of tourists from across the world each year. But make sure that you make your vacation all the more memorable by choosing a Seattle yacht rental as the perfect venue to stay and experience Seattle in a new way.

Next Visit to Seattle

When it comes to finding spectacular fall colors, no country except England can beat it. From vibrant reds and oranges to brilliant golds and yellows, there are innumerable fall foliage spots around Seattle and other islands in the Pacific Northwest region. In the sizzling temperatures of the Northwest region, hop on a private yacht charter in Seattle and visit these places that offer deep, rich golds, fiery reds and golden yellow colors.

Leavenworth, Washington – Set along the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington.  This spot is top-ranked to witness the autumn colors and fall festivals. Be sure to include a scenic drive on one of the multiple fall foliage routes that start here. You will be mesmerized to see the bright golden reflection of trees in the crystal clear waters of Lake Wenatchee. You can soak up the beauty of the dense forests around Blewett Pass, filled with beautiful aspens, cottonwoods and vibrant huckleberry bushes.

Mount Baker Scenic Byway – It starts at the eye-captivating area just west of Bellingham and winds up at the jaw-dropping Artist Point, the Mount Baker Scenic Byway is the only road to Mount Baker. It is one of the region’s top fall foliage drives. It takes travelers through the stunning Nooksack River Valley where you can take in the spectacular views of gorgeous colors that the breathtaking falls have to offer. Start climbing up Mount Baker and enjoy views of the mountain as many of the roads provide turnouts.

Mount Rainier – Looming over the entire Puget Sound region at over 14,400 feet, Mount Rainier is an active stratovolcano and the most prominent peak in the Cascades. All throughout the year, this tourist attraction is a must visit. The colors make it ideal to take in the eye-captivating vistas of the landscape. Be sure to take the scenic drive to Lake Tipsoo which mirrors the mountain and offers more awe-inspiring views from an easy loop trail.

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon – The Columbia Gorge slices through the Cascades forms a natural border between Washington and Oregon. This is a spectacular sight to behold all throughout the year. Take in the array of stunning colors offered by cottonwoods, Oregon ash, firs and big-leaf maples. Do not miss out on this scenic drive along the Columbia River for a glimpse of bronze and golden hues along with countless waterfalls. Stop occasionally to hike one of the trails or get out onto the water in a kayak or canoe.

Mount Hood Scenic Loop, Oregon – For a trip along Mount Hood Scenic Loop, you will have to drive along the Mount Hood Scenic Byway and the Historic Columbia River Highway. This drive will offer you unforgettable memories as you will pass through the colorful Gorge as well as within the orchards of Hood River and Mount Hood itself. This National Historic Landmark is situated at a height of 6,000 feet and it is the perfect place for a fantastic close-up provided by the vistas of the famous peak.

Sun Valley, Idaho – Sun Valley, Idaho is an all-season family destination for skiing, snowboarding, dining, shopping, golf, ice skating and recreation. The days are warm, the nights are pleasant cool, and the beautiful colors of nature can be enjoyed at any given time of the year. The aspen and cottonwood leaves soak in the sun that leave behind nature's own yellow brick road. This kaleidoscope of colors delivers an incredibly enchanting hiking experience to all travelers and locals alike.

While on a visit to the Pacific Northwest during your next vacation, do not forget to make it out to these Falls. If you are looking for a more tranquil experience, book your private yacht charter in Seattle well in advance to have a memorable and cherishing vacation.



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