Seattle for Nature Lovers: Be Vowed by These National Parks

Seattle's healthy mix of urban adventure beckons tourists to come to this Pacific Northwest destination. From valleys of forests, glacier-capped peaks, and rugged Pacific coastline, the city of Seattle is in the midst of many national parks and other natural wonders. These beautiful parks surrounding the Seattle city offer great opportunities to view panoramic vistas, hike fresh trails, enjoy fishing, and pitch a tent. If you are a nature lover and in the process of planning your next boat charter trip, then Seattle is the perfect destination for discovering amazing parks and enjoy adventurous activities.

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1. Olympic National Parks

Olympic National Park encompasses its fair share of Pacific rugged coastline at 70 miles, Glacier-capped mountains, old-growth temperate rain forests, serene beaches, striking falls, lakes, and rivers, all make it worth a day of exploration during your Seattle trip. This is an extremely photogenic park that is located about 240 kilometers west of Seattle.

Things To Do:

• With rivers, lakes, and Pacific coasts, Olympic is a perfect place for paddlers and motor boat enthusiasts.
• Olympic's 16 campgrounds is an ideal location to camp with your friends, family, or group.
• Avid fishermen can enjoy their favorite pastime at Olympic Park.
• Love walking and hiking? Enjoy an exciting hike or short walk on one of the many trail options in the park.
• Kalaloch beach, Quinault Rain Forest, Hoh Rain Forest, Sol Duc Falls, Rialto Beach, Lake Quinault and more – these are don’t miss Olympic park features.

2. Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier, the beautiful backdrop of the Seattle skyline, is a recognizable icon in Washington state. Located 54 miles away from Seattle, Mount Rainer National Park is rich in stunning landscapes and outdoor activities. It’s no wonder why more than 2 million people visit the park's more than 236,000 acres annually.

Things To Do:

• Enjoy the beautiful mountain views, and traverse the four-mile Sourdough Ridge Trail.
• Take a hike in any of the more than 260 miles of hiking trails, weaving through forests and fields, and admiring the lakes, streams and glaciers.
• Paddlers will love gliding across the waters of Mowich Lake.
• If you visit the park from July-August, then get ready to enter a paradise because you will be surrounded by the vibrant blooms of Wildflower Season.
• Explore the Mount Rainer Rainforest boasting long trees, long-hanging moss, ferns and more. Approximately 58% of the Mount Rainier National Park's is dense forest

3. Discovery Park

This urban park, located on the Puget Sound waterfront, is the largest green space in the city of Seattle. Known for its greenery, urban wilderness and amazing views, Discovery Park boasts saltwater beaches, forests, and wetlands. This 534-acre park is home to nearly 270 bird species and large mammals such as coyotes, black bears and cougars; as well as marine species such as seals and sea lions.

Things To Do:

• You can enjoy hiking the Loop Trail, and walking through the forest and meadows surrounding the park's upland portion.
• The park, which is built on the historic grounds of Fort Lawton, overlooks Puget Sound, with views of the Cascade and Olympic mountains. Get there and admire your beautiful surroundings.
• Visit the West Point Lighthouse, South Beach and Northern strip of the park. These are picturesque locations within the Park.

4. Fay Bainbridge Park

Located on the northeast tip of Bainbridge Island, Washington, this park is open for public from dusk to dark. The park comprises 17 acres of land and 430m of shoreline on Puget Sound. The Fay Bainbridge Park is a 17-acre marine camping park that offers sweeping views of Puget Sound, features many sandy beaches and the amazing vistas of the Cascade Mountains.

Things To Do:

• The park has 42 campsites including three sites specifically for people arriving by bike, foot, or kayak. Choose any one of them for your day of adventure.
• A nature admirer will get to see amazing bird species and marine species such as raccoons, ravens, doves, gulls, hummingbirds, ospreys, pheasants, mussels, sea birds, seals and more.
• Relax on any one of the fantastic sandy beaches of the park. Some of these beaches hold an imposing collection of sea-scrubbed driftwood and a beautiful environment for gazing out at the views of Puget Sound.

Some of the other parks that are located near Seattle include the famous San Juan Island National Historic Park, the Bloedel Reserve in Bainbridge Island, and Point Robinson Park to name a few. Your boat charter Seattle trip options do not stop here in Seattle. After exploring these amazing parks during your vacation, you can head to Victoria or Vancouver in British Columbia and explore more natural wonders.



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