Fit and Active Ways To Experience Fall Season in Seattle

Pacific Northwest locals know the appeal of Seattle in the fall and this is the time when most of the tourists plan their visit. Fall is actually one of the best times to visit Seattle with plenty to do, see and experience without the tourist crowds. The weather in these months is still mild. It is at this time of the year that the West Coast becomes the wet coast. But before the rain and gray weather really set in, there are still opportunities to enjoy the outdoors around Seattle – and get a good workout in at the same time.

Yacht Charter Seattle

Hop on your private yacht charter in Seattle and set sail on the blue waters to try some of the fit and fun activities this fall season. The yachts offer a variety of both indoor and outdoor settings for you to enjoy with your family and friends. Whether planning a day visit or a week-long vacation, a boat charter in Seattle is sure to make it memorable. From casual to elegant, intimate to elaborate – with the beautiful Seattle boat charters, crystal clear water and the mesmerizing surroundings – it will be the perfect setting for an amazing fall vacation. While on board the Seattle yacht charter, select your drink of choice from the list of excellent wines from Washington State and around the world.

HEAD TO THE MOUNTAINS – Living near the mountains throughout the year is an awesome experience. But, the fall season is a great opportunity to experience winter fun before it settles in on the rest of the city. Steven’s Pass often experiences snowfall even before the December month sets in, and same is the case with other popular resorts like Baker, Snoqualmie, and Crystal Mountain. Before it’s officially winter, you can shake the rust off of those skis or board early – just another perk of living within a few hours of the Cascades.

TAKE A HIKE – AN URBAN ONE – Ask any Seattleite and they’ll agree: one of the things we love most about living here is the easy access to nature and the outdoors. Seattle has some of the most amazing hiking options. With the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges close on either side of our city, it’s not hard to find great hiking options for a sunny day. Green Lake is an excellent example of one of Seattle’s many “urban hiking trails.” The Mount Si trail is one of the most popular for Seattleites. They all feature beautiful trees dressed in their autumn colors.

PADDLE THE LOCAL WATERWAYS – Since the lakes and canals of Seattle never freeze over due to temperate weather it experiences. In an area surrounded by water, there is no better way to take in the beauty of the Seattle region than by kayak. The perspective afforded by kayaking through the natural wonder of this region cannot be surpassed. Get ready to head out for a great fall adventure, from the waters of Lake Sammamish to the breathtaking shores of the San Juan Islands and the exceptional views of Lake Union.

PICK YOUR OWN WASHINGTON APPLES – Though Washington apples are popular all over the country, you are lucky enough to have them within arm’s reach in Seattle. Seattle is home to 175,000 acres of apple orchards throughout Washington, churning out 125 million apples a year. Moreover, there are an array of pick-your-own orchards that own the harvest season throughout the state. Head to any of the farms in the proximity for not just apples, but pumpkins, farm-made cider, a corn maze, haunted house, and other quintessential fall fun.

GO WHALE WATCHING – If you want to have a fantastic whale watching experience, then set sail to San Juan Islands on board a private yacht charter in Seattle. The San Juan Islands are one of the best places in the world to see orca whales in the wild. The waters surrounding the islands are home base to several orca family groups, most notably the salmon. There are nearly 175 islands within San Juan county, but only four are the most popular ones, namely: San Juan, Orcas, Lopez, and Shaw Island. Do not touch or feed the animals.

Book your private yacht charter in Seattle for your upcoming vacation during the fall season. Pacific Northwest and its nearby destination hold a special place in the itinerary of many travelers. These excursions on board a private Seattle boat charter firstly should never be missed out and secondly, they will make your vacations a memorable fiesta. Surely, the memories in form of pictures captured in your phone or camera will bring a smile to your face.



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