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Stay Cool this Summer at These Places in the Pacific Northwest

Summer is here! When the sun is around in the summer months it warms up quite a bit! This can sometimes be enough to discourage some from leaving home to explore. But the travel freaks and enthusiastic travelers never stop themselves from participating in adventurous activities because of a little heat. For you, we have…
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Hikes in Seattle That Don’t Require Snow Gear

Many people while on their vacation to Pacific Northwest, plan a day trip only to the most popular destinations. Seattle is a wonderful location to visit with families, friends and those your closest to. There are numerous opportunities awaiting which will not be found at your resort, instead, and you will have an opportunity to…
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Fit and Active Ways To Experience Fall Season in Seattle

Pacific Northwest locals know the appeal of Seattle in the fall and this is the time when most of the tourists plan their visit. Fall is actually one of the best times to visit Seattle with plenty to do, see and experience without the tourist crowds. The weather in these months is still mild. It…
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