While In Seattle, Plan A Day Trip To Port Townsend

Many people while on their vacation to Seattle, plan a day trip only to the most popular destinations. What about the less known but more pristine locations? They are the ones that offer something unique and memorable to share and remember for a lifetime. One such place in the Pacific Northwest is Port Townsend.

Boat Rental Seattle

Leave the hustle and bustle of the tinsel town! Port Townsend is calling!

Hop on your own private boat rental in Seattle and set sail on the crystal blue waters to reach the sweet seaside town of Port Townsend. It is just two hours away!! Upon arrival, you’ll be cheered to discover that Port Townsend loves traveling families. You won’t even need a stroller because Port Townsend’s downtown core is an eminently walkable seven-block spread. The combination of maritime heritage, a touch of urban chic, and artist spirit is what makes enthusiastic travelers visit Washington’s Victorian Seaport & Arts Community.

When you plan a day trip to Port Townsend, these indoor or outdoor activities can help you make it more memorable.

HIKING AND CYCLING – Regardless of the level of experience, the area around Port Townsend offers a network of trails and routes to hikers and riders. Enjoy hiking on the sun-dappled public trails that run through thick forests and take in the mesmerizing views of the surroundings. One of the best ways to explore any destination is either on foot or on cycle. Paddle along the shore of the beaches, or through the cobbled stone streets of the town and admire the architecture. Bicycle rentals are available year ‘round. Paddle, stop, explore, capture and then again paddle.

KAYAKING ON THE WATER – The water surrounding Port Townsend, the Olympic Peninsula and the San Juan Islands is famous for the spectacular kayaking expedition. Port Townsend Bay has many miles of shoreline to explore and enjoy. Hop on a kayak, sail into Port Townsend Bay and drop anchor or get a slip at one of our two marinas: Point Hudson or Boat Haven. Look  for eagles nest usually located in a giant bowl of twigs, in the branches of a tree jutting out of a cliff. While paddling you may not always see wildlife, but you’ll always come back with a story.

FISHING: IT'S ANGLERS TIME – Seasonal fishing is exceptional in the area as well, with various derbies held throughout the year. The Olympic Peninsula is considered a great area for all types of fishing. Salmon is a popular catch. While the Strait is home to trophy halibut and lingcod, the rivers are home to wild rainbow trout. The locals here consider themselves lucky in the sense they get good fresh seafood and incredible places to fish. The anglers can set sail on board their private Seattle boat charter and try their angling skills in the nearby areas and enjoy a good catch.

WHALE WATCHING – Port Townsend is also known for its whale-watching and wildlife-watching tours. So, on board your own private boat charter in Seattle, head out towards the San Juan Islands, or to wherever the whales can be spotted. Soon you will see at a far distance the largest fish on earth swimming in the water. They are harmless to people. Along with viewing whales, you can also look for bald eagles, harbor seals, tufted puffins and many other species of marine life.

EXPLORE THE PARKS & BEACHES – Port Townsend is home to some of the most outstanding public parks in the state of Washington. One such is Fort Worden State Park that offers an unmatched combination of natural beauty and historic interest. While taking in the mesmerizing views of acres of saltwater beaches, wooded hills, and open fields, treat your eyes with stunning vistas of the Olympic and Cascade ranges. The lovely Chetzemoka Park and mighty Olympic National Park are perfect spots for nature lovers.

You have to plan a day visit if you really want to explore and experience one of the coolest small towns in the Pacific Northwest. Your private boat rental in Seattle will take you for a day  or multi-day trip to the nearby destinations along with providing you the highest level of service.



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